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            Homosexual (gay) is a condition where someone is attracted sexually to the same gender, even though they are just regular person despite their orientation. The difference in them is only their sexual orientation and perhaps some preference of clothing and behavior. A qualitative approach with the descriptive phenomenology design according to Hussler philosophy is used in this study. Data is collected with semi interview method and analyzed using Colaizzi data analysis method. As much as 8 people with homosexual (gay) orientation have joined in this research. The result of this research is to identify 3 theme clusters according to the goals. First, causal goals theme cluster contains trauma, self-inclination, and loss of father figure; social environment and economy issues. Second, gay perception goals theme cluster includes males associates that are more attractive than female ones, self-doubt of true identity and opposite identity acceptance. Third, goals theme cluster on gay coping in the society includes, successful self-image, emotional coping and story sharing to his peers. Based on the result of the research, it is recommended for the nurse to improve their concern towards homosexual (gay). While the parenting class program can help to give more explanation about early age development and growth.
Key word : behavior, homosexual, gay.