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Emergency unit is a situation where in patient needs medical examination immediately, unless it will be fatal for the patient. The functions are to admit, stabilize and organize the patient that shows various signs of emergency and also unemergency condition.
Response time is an ability to provide immediate services. The service quickness meaning is treatment implementation or doctor and nurse examination in first 5 minutes period from the patient arrival in Emergency Unit ( WHO-Depkes, 1998).
The quickness and accuracy of assistance that provide for the patient who arrive in Emergency Unit require standard that suitable with the competency and ability so can assure emergency treatment with quick response time and treatmentaccuracy.
This study aims to identify factors that influence response time in Emergency Unit Awal Bros Hospital of Batam year 2013. This research utilized descriptive design with 20 respondents from staff nurse in Emergency Unit. Data collected make use of questionnaire and observation.
The result of this study are 73.5% of the respondents has a good knowledge about response time, 55% of respondents disagree with number of the staff nurses in Emergency Unit, and skill competencies in each level 100% achieved.
Suggestion for the Hospital Management to improve staffing in Emergency Unit in order to achieve better response time
Key Word : Emergency Unit, Response Time

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