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Patient safety was a top priority in improving the quality of nursing care and assessed through the accreditation of a hospital (Depkes RI, 2008). Nurses have a role in preventing the occurrence of errors that can contribute in providing nursing care. Head nurse as the first-line managers have a subordinate role powering the nurses in step - a step towards patient safety (Depkes RI, 2008). Based on the documentation study in 2013 it is known that there have been 6 cases of KNC in inpatient Room of Padang Panjang hospital such as Lung, Interne and Children. This study aims to determine the relationship of the effective leadership of the head nurse with the implementation of patient safety, according to nurses at Hospital Inpatient Room. The study design was a descriptive correlation. The sample in this study was overall nurses in the inpatient unit that has met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results of the study is that there is a significant correlation between effective leadership head room with the implementation of patient safety by nurses (ρ <0.05). The variable component of effective leadership is most related energy use (OR = 0.2). Advice for Hospital Padang Panjang is that hospitals implement leadership training and patient safety training to realize the application of good patient safety.
Keywords : effective leadership, patient safety

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